Developed by the same people that brought you Quicken® and QuickBooks, FinanceWorks is a powerful online tool that provides you the critical, time-sensitive information you need to make smart financial choices. Serving as your financial lifestyle hub, FinanceWorks allows you to manage all your accounts, including those with other financial institutions, with a single login.

Track Your Expenses

Wondering where your money goes? FinanceWorks automatically categorizes transactions from your accounts so you can track your expenses, analyze spending behavior and find ways to save.

Alerts & Reminders

Tired of those expensive late charges? With FinanceWorks, you can manage bills all in one place, regardless of how you pay them and create alerts and reminders so you’ll never miss another payment.

Organize Tax Info

Need help organizing your tax information? FinanceWorks automatically tracks tax deductible expenses so you’re ready when tax time rolls around.

Make Smart Choices

FinanceWorks, powered by Quicken and offered through our SmartSuite of online services, provides you with a simple, intuitive experience so you can make smart choices that match your financial lifestyle.

Make the Smart choice and simplify your financial lifestyle by exploring FinanceWorks today. At Calumet Bank, we’re local and SMART, just like you.

Awards and accolades

Javelin Strategy & Research: “Best in class” for online financial management “[FinanceWorks] sets the standard for rivals to match.… providing user-friendly, practical personal finance management tools.” “Best Technology” winner in BankInnovation Awards of 2009.