Integrated with FinanceWorks, part of our new SmartSuite of online services, Online BillPay allows you to manage bills all in one place, regardless of how you pay them.

You can set up bills as a single payment or create recurring payments on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and pay any merchant or individual in the United States (except government agencies.) Payments may come from any of your Calumet checking accounts.

Save Time and Money

You can save time and money by eliminating the need for checks, envelopes and stamps. It’s a fast and easy way to pay unlimited monthly bills and is available to individual and business customers.

Never Miss a Payment

You can set up reminders to help you track when your bills are due. We alert you of any electronic bills you’ve set up too. Electronic alerts sent to your email remind you when a bill is due, alert you if a bill is not paid by the due date, or informs you when a payment has been sent.

Available on Mobile phone

Using our Mobile Web Banking interface (available on smart phones with data plans), you can literally pay bills, view payment history, and view pending payments anywhere you have cellular service. To learn more about Mobile Web Banking simply click here.

Make the smart choice and simplify your financial lifestyle by signing up for Online BillPay today.